About Us

Mission Statement

We are Tondro. We are a company with high aspirations and ambitions. While our ideas may seem ambitious, our long-term vision is always evolving. We are infinitely adjusting our approach to the future and in turn, our projection towards it. We aim to continuously improve upon current standards of quality to build viable relationships and exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers across all of the sectors in which we operate.


We thrive towards multi-national expansion into consulting, technology, and environmental projects that will help us build upon our experience and continue to grow our assets and investments to support the evolution of our company, as we aim to ultimately be able to encompass all of the needs of our communities.

Core Values: Adapting, Innovating, Excelling

  • Appreciate, Accept and Adapt to Changes in the Market.
  • Growth through Innovation, Ingenuity and Originality¬†
  • Customer Service and Care above all else