As with our approach to the many sectors that we operate in, we appreciate transparency, efficiency and speed. Incidentally, we stumbled into the commodities trading field through multiple singular product marketing and procurement requests that we had received from our pre-existing partners and affiliates.

Our experience within the sector was initially filled with many obstacles and frustrations that lead us to the belief that we would be able to achieve a better execution if we were to install our own framework to facilitate commodity transactions in a seamless, efficient and trustworthy manor.

The short time that we have had in the space has been wildly successful, as our knowledge and expertise grows, we have cultivated a product catalogue that continues to grow and have developed relationships with buyers, suppliers and brokers all around the world with the ultimate aim of building a brokerage firm that stands by our core values of Adapting, Innovating and Excelling.

Our product catalogue includes but is not limited to:

  • Agriculture: Coffee, Corn, Sugar, Soybeans, Dates, Meat and Poultry
  • Metals: Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Scrap Metals, Precious Metals
  • Chemicals: Urea, DiAmmonium Phosphate
  • Energy: Crude Oil and Crude Oil Derivatives, Liquified Natural Gas

We are currently conceptualizing a platform where our buyers and sellers can interact but in the mean time, if you require our Brokerage services as either a Buyer or a Seller for any form of commodities then feel free to contact us.